Four-Type Tahini Set


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This set brings you samples of four types of tahini paste directly from the tahini factory in the Old City of Jerusalem.

What you will get:

Tahini paste (85 g) is made of ground sesame; great for salads, dips, can be used as a spread.
Roasted tahini (85 g) is a paste made of roasted sesame, great for grilled food and spicy dips.
Nigella seeds paste (Qizha) (85 g) is a black paste made of nigella seeds; great for spreads, and to enjoy with honey.
Whole tahini paste (85 g) is made of the whole sesame, it is the healthiest tahina as it packed w ; great for salads, sauces and sandwiches.

*Note: The content of this box is all vegan. Selected by SacredCuisine from the Old City of Jerusalem.


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